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Dior Homme Parfum is INCREDIBLE (Review)

Dior Homme Parfum is a men’s cologne released in 2014. Since release, it’s received widespread recognition as one of the greatest fragrances ever. The stylish iris and supporting deeper notes are usually the focus of admiration. Although scents can be overhyped and fall short of expectations, that isn’t the case here. All the recognition is deserved. This is a masterpiece scent that’s impossible to argue against. Let me explain.

What does Dior Homme Parfum smell like?

Firstly, let’s scope the ingredients. It contains iris, orange, leather, rose, sandalwood, musk, and oud.

The marquee iris accord is noticeable from first sniff. It has a lipstick, powdery vibe like Dior Homme Intense. However, it lacks the (often criticised) floral strength of Intense.

Instead, the iris in the Parfum smells more moderated – yet still energised by a sweet hint of Italian orange.

The aroma doesn’t take long to thicken up. Starting with luxe leather that smells genuine and supple. Also, rose drifts through the background, adding airy, floral sweetness.

Then the scent moves through to the dry down phase.

You’ll smell the sandalwood paired with musk. Together, they merge into a creamy combination. A dash of oud is here too, supporting with a woody undertone.

Let me emphasise – the oud is subtle and sensibly included. It’s no oud powerhouse like LV Ombre Nomade that’s for sure.

In summary, Dior Homme Parfum smells like rich, powdery iris and sweet orange. Ultimately, it dries down into musky woods united with remnants of iris, rose, and leather. It’s sensuous yet elegant– a scent crafted for the sophisticated, metrosexual man. To me, this is the aroma of robust, modern masculinity.

Take a look at the comments from this reviewer:

For me this is the best of the Dior Homme line. It’s the most sophisticated and the most elegant with the best done iris of them all. The addition of oud, leather, and rose make it darker and more intimate than the others. I happen to find leather and lipstick very sexy lol. Love it. 10/10.


And this reviewer:

To my nose, not only the best version of Dior Homme thus far, but an absolute masterpiece overall. One or two sprays will literally last you until the next day, and the scent is of the utmost quality. Tones down the iconic “powdery iris” note to a bearable level, and throws in cocoa, rose, and musk for a more decadent and layered experience. Just outstanding.


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Immense longevity

This juice just hangs around all day.

Specifically, I’ve found it projects moderately from skin for the first 4 hours. Then, it sits closer for another 8. Therefore, it lasts for 12 hours of total longevity. Even surpassing similar, dark iris scents like Prada L’Homme Intense.

Dior Homme Parfum will make it through any lengthy occasion with plenty of time to spare. And that leads me onto when you should wear it.

A special event stunner

Dior Homme Parfum works wonders for those special moments.

Spray this during nights out and special events. Weddings and black-tie formalities are a no brainer – or any other dressy occasion where you’re out to captivate and impress.

Consequently, it lacks in the casual department as an everyday scent. It doesn’t possess the flexibility of colognes like Dior Homme 2020.

Additionally, I recommend you preserve the Parfum for cooler weather, such as winter and autumn. It’s got too much richness and depth for the hot heat to handle.

In Conclusion – Dior Homme Parfum

dior homme parfum

Dior Homme Parfum is a stunning elixir that’s earnt its place as an all-time great.

It features the trademark Dior iris accord adored by so many. However, unlike earlier releases, it takes a darker, thicker turn with leather and woods. Nevertheless, it always maintains a sense of elegance and dignity. A hard task for even the greatest perfume houses.

The Parfum exists in rarefied air that few masculine fragrances reside. It doesn’t live up to the praise – it exceeds it.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Dior Homme Parfum?

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