Dior Homme Intense (Review): Still Worth Buying Today?

Dior Homme Intense is a fragrance for men launched in 2011. Since release, it consistently rates as a top masculine floral scent from Dior. However, DHI has been out for over a decade. Therefore, people often ask me if it’s still worth buying. I think it absolutely is – stick with me for a few minutes and I’ll explain.

Dior Homme Intense smells like iris, woods, and musk

Dior Homme Intense contains notes of iris, lavender, musk, pear, and cedar.

When I spray this on skin, I smell the iris accord immediately. It evokes a powdery floral smell, similar to Prada L’Homme. Supporting the iris is a discreet combination of lavender and musk. This secondary duo provides a calming, deep feel to the iris, rounding out its presence.


As the scent develops, next to arrive is a pear accord. Although only faint in the background, it brings mild fruity balance to the opening mixture. A surprising yet welcome inclusion.

Although it’s not the only surprise.

A subtle suede aroma peers through – which isn’t even listed as a note. It contributes a buttery texture, combining harmoniously with the dominant iris.


The woody undertones emerge once the composition fully dries down. Cedarwood is responsible for this dry, woody base, driving up masculine character. It liaises cleverly with the musk, generating a sturdy backbone the aroma settles upon.

Check out what this reviewer had to say:

If you love the iris note then this one is your greatest blind-buy ever. The iris is front and centre throughout, with a beautiful lavender up top, and that cedar definitely takes the fragrance to a slight chocolatey direction. There is incredible balance – it never gets too sweet – all the while ensuring the iris remains the star.


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Top-notch performance

Dior Homme Intense is one of the best performing colognes in my collection.

Specifically, it projects out from skin for the first 4 hours. Then it simmers down and I continue smelling whiffs for another 8. Therefore, expect up to 12 hours of longevity from this one.

For confident, modern men

DHI is for confident men. Personally, I wear this during job interviews, important meetings, or colder nights out. Any kind of formal or black tie event is appropriate, too.

man who wears dior homme intense
This man wears Dior Homme Intense

Modern, sophisticated men who take pride in their appearance will find this cologne compatible with their character.

Side note: If you’re a younger guy, check out Mont Blanc colognes if you want to evoke a similar yet more age appropriate vibe.

In conclusion – Dior Homme Intense

Dior Homme Intense

Update: Dior Homme Intense is a worthy addition to your fragrance wardrobe this year.

It deftly blends floral, musky, and deep woody elements in a professional yet daring manner.

Its performance is robust, lasting all day with only a few sprays required. Although you can’t wear this in summer, it’ll turn heads in any other season. An intriguing scent trail that none can resist.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Dior Homme Intense?

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