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Kilian Angels’ Share review: Is the Hype Real? [Answered]

Kilian Angels’ Share is a fragrance release from luxurious niche brand By Kilian. It released in 2020 to a ton of fanfare thanks to its delectable aroma. Being the curious man I am, I acquired this for myself to see if the hype’s justified. Although it’s a great fragrance, it lacks one attribute in particular that you must consider before purchasing. Read on and let me explain.

What does Angels’ Share smell like?

Angels’ Share features notes of cognac, cinnamon, praline, tonka, oak, vanilla, and sandalwood.

When I first spray this on skin, I immediately smell a bright, spicy-sweet booziness.

Refined, boozy cognac note

The booziness comes from the cognac note in the opening. It smells smooth, refined, and entirely unisex.  Furthermore, the boozy note is elegant, and its genderless nature gives me Initio Side Effect vibes. This contrasts with the ‘hairy-chested’, masculine boozy note in Bentley for Men Intense.

Accompanying the boozy cognac in the opening is a cinnamon accord. The cinnamon smells spicy, just enough to contribute warmth to the scent. Moreover, the cinnamon handily prevents the aroma from becoming too heavy.

Warm spicy cinnamon note

At this point I can also smell the praline. For those unfamiliar, praline is a sweet, nutty candy. It provides the fragrance almost-edible gourmand vibes.

As the scent develops, I notice some changes:

  • The lively praline sweetness in the opening peels away and is replaced by a combination sweetness of tonka and vanilla. The former being more observable than the latter
  • Woody notes of oak and sandalwood emerge. The oak adds maturity and ‘dryness’, whilst the sandalwood adds subtle, underlying creaminess.

Furthermore, the most enduring notes from opening to dry-down are cinnamon and cognac. These give the satisfying ‘spiced booze’ vibe and last for the entirety. The sweet and woody notes are the accords which fluctuate from beginning to end.

Nutty tonka sweetness in the dry down

In summary, the opening of Angel’s Share can be compared to a vibrantly sweet and spiced cognac cocktail. Then, it mellows down into a mostly woody and booze-based version of the same.

Check this reviewer’s thoughts on Kilian Angels’ Share:

Gorgeous scent! Opens up with a blast of cognac and cinnamon/praline. The dry down stays sweet but with a woodsy undertone. It’s just heavenly. Definitely a unisex and cold weather scent.

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What’s the performance like?

I rate the performance of Angels’ Share as moderate.

Angels’ Share projects out by a two feet for the first 1-2 hours. Then, it settles closer to the skin and lasts for 8+ hours total. Although its projection doesn’t last long, it endures on skin for quite some time.

Kilian got the performance just right for this release. The performance is solid but never obnoxiously strong. That just wouldn’t work for a gourmand scent of this nature.

Is it versatile?

Now onto the attribute I flagged in the beginning.

Kilian Angels’ Share isn’t what I’d call a versatile scent. It’s unquestionably tailored for cooler weather.

Additionally, I wouldn’t wear this to the workplace, and I definitely wouldn’t wear this to the gym.


kilian angels' share for date night
Date night is ideal for this scent

Because Angels’ Share just smells….special. This isn’t a scent you’d waste on the mundane moments of life. Unless your bank balance is overflowing, in which case – go for it Mr Moneybags.

If you’re going to a distinguished event or have a romantic night planned, this is the fragrance for you. Furthermore, date night, weddings, or other special events are ideal circumstances to wear this scent. Most situations where you’d wear Kilian Black Phantom apply here, too.

In summary – By Kilian Angels’ Share

kilian angels' share

Kilian Angels’ Share is a heavenly (pardon the pun) fragrance release from By Kilian.

This scent gets the balance of booze, sweetness, and woods just right. It’s an intoxicating and refined aroma, featuring a warm cinnamon note that keeps the composition honest.

Whilst it doesn’t live up to the unreachable hype thrust upon it (what fragrance does?), please do not be fooled. Angels’ Share is still a captivating unisex winter-leaning scent I’d recommend that you check out this year.

Get more information and buy now on Amazon >>>

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on Instagram. What are your thoughts on By Kilian Angels’ Share?

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