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5 Valentino Colognes You MUST Try (Listed)

Valentino colognes are some of the most satisfying scents available on the market. The brand consistently produces fragrances for the stylish modern man that rate strongly yet still fly under the radar. Accordingly, today I’ll be sharing 5 of my favourites from Valentino that’ll set you ahead of the rest. Let’s get started.

Valentino Born In Roma

valentino colognes born in roma

Firstly, let’s kick the list off with Valentino Born In Roma.

Born In Roma isn’t the most popular Valentino cologne, but don’t be fooled. It exudes an appealing coastal energy that’ll garner compliments wherever you go. It opens with sweet violet and mineral notes, before journeying through spicy ginger, woods, and vetiver.

Born In Roma is a more sophisticated, capable take on the popular (yet juvenile) Invictus DNA. And despite hardly oozing the essence of Rome, it smells damn nice regardless.

Born In Roma has spawned several spinoffs and two of them feature later in this article.

Despite poor reviews from the fragrance community; I’ve found this to be a great addition to my collection! It opens with a salty-sweet bubblegum and dries down to a mineral and woody-herbal base.

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Valentino Uomo

valentino uomo

The original that started it all. The pioneering Valentino Uomo also secures a place in these rankings.

Uomo smells about as cozy and delectable as it gets. Sweet chocolate is noticeable early, as is hazelnut. Then comes a refined leather note, layered upon a cozy base of powdery iris and woods.

Therefore, it’s a staple for Winter, and smells captivating in a range of situations once the temperature drops.

Although Valentino Uomo’s flanker gets more attention, the richness and complexity of this one cannot be overlooked.

A delicious combination of hazelnuts, coffee vapours, and chocolate – all melted into each other to create a cloud of powdery cocoa surrounding me. It’s not really creamy on my skin, so it’s not too cloying. Gets more leathery in the drydown, but it still retains the iris-like characteristic from the opening.

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Valentino Uomo Intense

uomo intense

Valentino Uomo Intense comes next, and it’s the first flanker to make an appearance in this post.

Uomo Intense takes the aroma of the OG and cranks it up in a few areas. The powdery iris is more prominent here, as is the luxurious leather accord. Also, this version introduces an alluring touch of vanilla sweetness.

This scent is tailored to men who exude classy, enticing energy. Impressively, it’s also touted as a viable (and affordable) alternative to Dior Homme Intense.

Absolutely intoxicating. I often find vanilla sickening but in Uomo Intense it is well integrated and moderate at most. The Iris is potent but very dark and masculine. Settles down to a rich, sweet, leathery floral powerhouse.

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Valentino Born In Roma Intense

born in roma intense

The recent flanker Born In Roma Intense also cements a spot here.

Intense is a spinoff of Born In Roma, taking on a deeper and sweeter feel. Instead of a violet and minerals focus, Intense pivots to lavender and vanilla. Then, amber and tonka peer through, solidifying its modern, mass-appealing energy.

Despite the differences, Born In Roma Intense cleverly retains the composed and professional feel of its predecessor. However, its seductive hues will empower you to wear it during romantic occasions too.

It’s actually really pleasant, it’s sweet with a bit of freshness and it’s very versatile. I think it’s a big improvement over the original born in Roma.

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Valentino Yellow Dream

valentino yellow dream

Valentino Yellow Dream rounds out the top 5, another Born In Roma flanker you must check out.

Yellow Dream departs even further from the DNA of the original, turning to yellow ingredients to represent its aroma.

It opens with fruity pineapple and mandarin, before evolving into a satisfying blend of spices and gingerbread. Then, vanilla and woods arrive to deepen things further.

This one smells sweet and cozy, yet has enough freshness to give it versatility for days.

This fragrance smells amazing, pineapple off the top with that gingerbread warmth peeking through. This is a far better fall and winter fragrance than many that this community praises such as spicebomb extreme and many others.

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Valentino Colognes – Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 essential Valentino colognes you must get your nose on.

This list covers a variety of aromas, from fresh, to sweet, to powdery deep. Regardless of the scented variation, every single one elicits the Valentino posture of competence and confidence.

Try them out and share your thoughts on this underestimated designer brand.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts about this list of Valentino Colognes for men?

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