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Givenchy Gentleman Society (Review) – UNLIKE the others

Givenchy Gentleman Society is a men’s cologne released in 2023. Society is another flanker in the popular Gentleman line of fragrances. However, it smells unlike all those flankers that have come before. Impressively, I tested this just once before I was convinced to buy a bottle. That should tell you all you need to know about how I feel. Although I encourage you to read on for more specific details.

How does Givenchy Gentleman Society smell?

Firstly let’s dissect the notes. Givenchy Gentleman Society contains cardamom, vanilla, sage, narcissus, vetiver, and cedar wood. This release has no iris – a surprise given what we’re used to seeing from Givenchy!

Initially, you’ll smell a combination of cardamom and vanilla. These two smell warm and sweet, forming a balanced opening melody.


Soon after, an aromatic facet drifts amongst them. It’s sage, and it stimulates the opening duo with a slight herbal freshness.

Further notes emerge as the scent develops:

  • Narcissus appears, an accord that features rarely in men’s fragrances. It infuses a soft floral touch that smells tastefully mellow. Much more subtle than narcissus colognes like Hermes H24; and
  • Vetiver plays a key role as the scent progresses. It introduces an elegant, woody and earthy aspect to the composition.

Cedar wood comes into play during the dry down. It weaves amongst the lasting vetiver and vanilla accords, turning creamy and a little resinous. Also, at this point the floral and aromatic touches largely withdraw.

In summary, Givenchy Gentleman Society smells like sweet, warm spices united with aromatic sage. As time advances it smells deeper and woodier, with an established (yet modest) vetiver core lasting until the end.

Society is sweet, modern, and professional, exactly what we’ve come to expect from Givenchy. However, this release goes in a different direction – highlighting a vetiver note and missing any powdery iris.

Additionally, there’s even some similarities to the sweetness presented in Paco Rabanne Invictus colognes.

Check out what this reviewer said:

Surprisingly unisex, but leans masculine. This is a rather unique blend of predominantly vanilla with a bit of herbaceousness at the top. I like how they didn’t go for the standard lavender or bergamot route. The sage and vetiver are understated in the best way. The cardamom is delicious in tandem with the vanilla.

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It performs modestly off skin

Like other Givenchy colognes, Society is a modest performer.

Specifically, it projects mildly off skin for 2 hours, before sitting closer for another 5. Therefore, it possesses total longevity of 7 hours.

If I spray this in the morning I’ll need to reapply in the afternoon. That might actually be preferable for some of you – others, not so much.

Crafted for date night and the office

Gentleman Society is tailor made for classy occasions.

Firstly, this is the perfect date night and office fragrance. It has a suave, contemporary essence that can be adopted for romantic and dignified settings alike.

However, I’ve also worn this to drinks with friends. Especially when the dress code calls for a blazer, suit, or loafers.

Lastly, this juice smells best in cool and moderate weather. Reach for a smart, refreshing option like Dior Homme Cologne when the mercury shoots up.

In Conclusion – Givenchy Gentleman Society

givenchy gentleman society

Givenchy Gentleman Society departs from the popular Gentleman formula – yet still smells as appealing and competent as the rest.

Opening with warm sweetness and sage, Society journeys through stylish vetiver and woods, before becoming creamier and more resinous over time.

I wear this to the office often and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Givenchy Gentleman Society?

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